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Shoulder and upper arm fixation for early functional treatment

with bobbled silicone pad. Arm fixation with removable forearm sling.

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Sizes Chest circumference in cm
S up to 92
M 92 - 102
L 102 - 115
XL over 115
Please specify right or left.
  • Conservative / post-operative shoulder
  • Following scapular fracture
  • Immobilisation of various upper arm fractures
  • Rotator cuff repair / injury
  • Shoulder luxation
  • Shoulder sprain and contusion
  • Subacromial bursitis
  • Upper arm fractures


  • Cold / hot pad for pain and oedema reduction
  • For early functional follow-up treatment in post-operative physiotherapy
  • Immobilisation / relief of the shoulder with forearm sling
  • Stabilisation and functional guidance of the shoulder
  • Axilla kept clear for optimisation of body hygiene and wearing comfort
  • Includes forearm slings, bobbled silicone pad, cold/hot pad
  • Quick and gentle to put on