Sporlastic MOBILAS®II

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Innovative hand positioning and mobilisation system.

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One size only. Can be used on both sides



  • Central movement limitations and spasticity of the arm and hand region
  • Pareses / plegias of the hand
  • Pareses requiring positioning assistance, e.g. following a stroke
  • Post-operative hand / wrist


  • Early self-led training
  • Improved amenity to therapy
  • Improved tactile perception
  • Passive and active contracture prophylaxis
  • Reduction of oedema
  • Tone regulation
  • Accessory for passive and dynamic positioning
  • Can be used for extensive therapeutic exercises - including at home
  • Includes exercise manual
  • Includes two textile hygiene covers
  • Positioning disc with anatomical hand support
  • Recess for computer mouse (computer mouse is not included)
  • Surface can be wiped with disinfectant
  • Velcro fastening disc can be secured with press studs