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Wrist orthosis for bilateral use with volar and dorsal reinforcement.

The volar and dorsal reinforcement bars can be custom-moulded.

Article No.
Black Black


Sizes Wrist circumference in cm
1 up to 17
2 over 17
Can be worn on the right and left.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Conservative treatment of the early stages of aseptic bony necrosis of the carpus
  • Drop hand
  • Early functional post-operative follow-on treatment
  • Interim care following plaster casts
  • Post-operative hand / wrist
  • Severe wrist sprains
  • Strain arthropathies of the hand / wrist
  • Wrist arthrosis


  • Fixation of the carpus, free mobility of the thumbs and fingers
  • Reduction of strain on the carpal bones, joint capsule and ligaments
  • Stabilising and movement-restricting
  • Custom-mouldable volar and dorsal reinforcement bar
  • Easy conversion for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Lightweight, open construction that closely fits the body's shape