Sporlastic MALLEODYN®S3

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The dismountable ankle orthosis for dynamic mobilisation.

The innovative ankle joint orthosis can be easily dismounted in three steps in line with the course of therapy. In the acute phase, it stabilises, relieves and cools the ankle according to the RICE rule (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Due to the flexible inner-shoe-like construction and the easy handling, the MALLEODYN S3 can be used for secondary prevention after the 3 dismounting steps.

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Size Shoe size
1 35 - 40
2 41 - 47
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  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Acute capsule ligament instabilities and ruptures
  • All indications in which stabilization or movement restriction is required of the ankle joint with subsequent functional mobilization
  • Chronic capsule band instabilities
  • Limitation of the forward displacement and tilt of the talus
  • Post-operative foot & ankle
  • Prevention of ligament instabilities
  • Sprains of the foot & ankle
  • Supination traumas


  • Avoidance of 'window edema' due to closed orthosis construction
  • Limitation against talus feed and tilting via 8-bridle and distal click lock
  • Stabilisation and prevention of supination traumas
  • Stabilisation of the ankle in inversion and eversion
  • Stabilisation of the ankle joint via 3-point principle
  • Therapy-compatible resting according to the RICE rule (integrated cooling pad)
  • Anatomically shaped side splint - easy to disassemble with one click
  • Antibacterial effect of the inner padding
  • Bi-elastic inner pad for pressure-free ankles
  • Click fasteners: One-time adjustment of the straps for quick application with two clicks
  • Due to very flat construction wearable in every shoe
  • Figure 8 strap dismountable
  • Heel width adjustable via plantar strap: optimal heel mount
  • High wearing comfort: anatomical 3D shell construction combined with bi-elastic spacer fabric
  • Maximum breathability: hydrophilic bi-elastic spacer fabric with carbon finish absorbs moisture and transports it outwards
  • Therapy according to guidelines: dismountable in 3 phases
  • Y-belt: Individual adjustment of stabilisation and compression according to the course of therapy