Sporlastic GENU-HiT®WING

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Knee bandage with bobbled special pad to reduce ventro-medial knee pain.

Symmetrical pad wings for bilateral wearing and optimised fit.

Article No.
 Platinum Platinum


Sizes Measurement D in cm Measurement F in cm
1 up to 28 up to 38
2 up to 31 up to 41
3 up to 34 up to 44
4 up to 37 up to 47
5 up to 40 up to 50
6 up to 43 up to 53
7 up to 46 up to 56
Can be worn on the right and left.
Measurement D: 14 cm below the knee joint space.
Measurement F: 14 cm above the knee joint space.
  • Baker’s cysts
  • Chondropathia patellae
  • Conservative/post-operative knee
  • Knee arthrosis
  • Meniscal damage
  • Plica syndrome
  • Ventro-medial knee pain


  • Friction pad with massage effect for improvement of proprioception
  • Reduction of ventro-medial knee pain through pressure on the medial joint space
  • Flat pad construction on the thigh for better wearing comfort
  • Stabilizing lateral coil springs
  • Symmetrical padded wings for double-sided wear and optimum support