Sporlastic ACHILLO-HiT®

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Achilles tendon support with AIR-MATRIX silicone pads for large-area stimulation.

A control strip, two simple Velcro fasteners and a knitted-in right and left marking allow the patient to intuitively apply the product.

Article No.
 Platinum Platinum Black Black


Sizes Distal tibia circumference in cm
1 up to 19
2 19 - 21
3 21 - 23
4 23 - 25
5 25 - 27
6 27 - 29

Please specify right or left.


  • Achillodynia (tendinopathy) with/without partial rupture
  • Bursitis calcanea
  • Bursitis subachillea
  • For soft tissue compression/elastic support and pressure relief on ligament/fascial attachments
  • Impairment of walking/standing in case of damage to the distal Achilles tendon or Achilles tendon attachment
  • Paratendinitis, Paratendinopathy
  • Post-operative foot & ankle


  • Compression and massage of the Achilles tendon and gliding tissue
  • Correction of muscular dysbalance
  • Functional guidance of the rear foot
  • Proprioceptive stimuli to the tendon of the posterior tibial muscle
  • Reduction of non-physiological stress on the Achilles tendon
  • SPORLASTIC AIR-MATRIX silicone pads: breathable, lightweight, anatomically shaped
  • Supports the restoration of sliding fabric function
  • Control strips for correct positioning
  • Easy access due to two microfibre Velcro fasteners, continuously adjustable
  • Soft, pressure-reduced bandage edge for high wearing comfort
  • Three-part comfort zone for a wrinkle-free seat