Full Body Display Stand

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One full body mannequin display in Sporlastic Orange (available in Black) on a 16" x 16" low profile glass base, standing at 6' in height. Featuring the ability to display every possible bracing locale as well as compression socks this display stand is the best way to show off your available collection of Sporlastic Orthopaedic bracing and Jiani Compression socks.


Fully pre-fitted Sporlastic full body mannequins are fitted with the following:

Malleo-Hit Supreme Ankle Brace (Size 4)

Genu-Hit Supreme Knee Brace (Size 4)

Epidyn Supreme Elbow Brace (Large)

Vertebradyn Aktiv Back Brace (Small)

Manu-Hit Wrist Brace (Large)

Metacarpal Thumb Splint (Medium)

Sporlastic Face Mask

Jiani TOUR 20-30mmHg Compression Sock (Black/Orange)