Sporlastic OMO-LUX®

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Shoulder luxation orthosis with fixed guidance yet free function.

Anatomical shell guidance at the shoulder and neck. 

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One size only, can be customised
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  • Conservative / post-operative shoulder
  • Habitual shoulder luxation
  • Inflammatory conditions in shoulder arthrosis
  • Injury to acromioclavicular joint I and II Tossy grades
  • Post-operative treatment following Tossy III ligament rupture
  • Post-operative treatment following resection of the distal end of the clavicle


  • Avoidance of secondary frozen shoulder
  • Physiological joint movement – can be restricted with frontal strap
  • Stabilisation and functional guidance of the shoulder joint
  • Anatomically pre-determined shell guidance in the shoulder area
  • Axilla strap
  • Plastic shell linked with torsion joint
  • Secure fixation through strap connections
  • Thermally mouldable, extremely lightweight material